Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Draper Utah

Water Heater Repair Services in Draper Utah

As water heaters age, sediment often builds along the walls of the tank and collects in the bottom.  This buildup forms a sediment barrier that can affect your water heater’s performance and lead to discolored water.  Periodic draining or flushing keeps your water heater efficient and prevents accelerated damage. Common signs of potential water heater problems include water not heating sufficiently, leaking, and rusting.  When a water heater gets old, the tank begins to rust and corrode. The rust from your tank gets into your water, turning it brown. If you notice any of these signs, call Pando for a quick inspection.

Water heaters typically last 8-12 years. Depending on where you live, the life of your water heater could be shorter. If a replacement water heater is necessary, we can help you decide which model is right for you based on your water heating needs and budget.