Bathroom Plumbing
Bathroom Plumbing Draper Utah

Bathroom Plumbing Draper Utah

Sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilers—your bathroom is all about plumbing. Your home or business’s bathroom plumbing must handle water delivery and waste removal from these fixtures in a leak-free manner. When bathroom plumbing problems arise, you can count on the expert plumbers at Pando Plumbing to fix it.

Water Supply Plumbing

Water supply plumbing delivers hot and cold water to your sink, toilet, tub, and shower. The process begins at your local municipal supply or other freshwater sources, where the water goes through filtering before arriving at its final destination: your bathroom. Once it reaches your water heater, it splits into two lines. One line carries hot water, and the other delivers cold water from your heater to the fixtures that need it.

Drain-Waste-Vent System

The drain-waste-vent system collects wastewater from each fixture and delivers it to the sewer and septic system. This system is generally near the sink or tub, and the vent pipe’s exhaust sewer gasses up and out the roof to generate air pressure; this allows waste to flow freely.

Treating Clogs

After years of wear-and-tear, it’s normal for your sink’s drain to clog. You can attempt to clear it using a special plunger that has a flat cup, but this will usually only work for surface level clogs. A professional plumber will need to disconnect your sink’s P-trap, which is the curved section of the pipe beneath your fixture. Furthermore, they’ll have to clean waste material from the drain.

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