Leak Detection & Repair

Leak Detection and Repair Plumbing Draper Utah

Leak Detection and Repair Plumbing Draper Utah

An average home loses more than 9,000 gallons of water each year to leaks; this is the equivalent amount of water required to wash more than 300 loads of laundry.  Not only do leaks waste water and increase your water bill, untreated leaks can also result in costly home repairs. The sooner a leak is identified, the easier it is to minimize repair costs.

If you suspect you might have a leak, pay attention to your water bill.  Compare your current month bill with bills from the same month in past years to ensure you’re not seeing increases due to seasonality.  Also, pay attention to your water meter. Is it continuously ticking? Other signs of potential leaks include mold and mildew, cracks in your foundation, and wet spots.  Stained, damaged or sagging walls are signs of a leak as are rusty pipes and appliances. If you experience a musty odor in your home, you might have a leak.   

When pipes that run behind walls begin to leak, they can damage drywall and eventually lead to problems with mold.  Leaks from your shower or tub, dishwasher or refrigerator can lead to buckling wallpaper and flooring. When water seeps into the subfloor, vinyl flooring or tiles can loosen and the plywood can begin to rot, requiring expensive replacement costs.  The sooner you identify a leak and call for help, the smaller its impact will be on drywall, flooring and fixtures.

At Pando, our commitment is to solve your plumbing issues quickly with superior craftsmanship.  Don’t let leaks nag or worry you. Call us today.