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Water Heater Replacement Services

As water heaters age, sediment often builds along the walls of the tank and collects in the bottom.  This buildup forms a sediment barrier that can affect your water heater’s performance and lead to discolored water.  Periodic draining or flushing keeps your water heater efficient and prevents accelerated damage. Common signs of potential water heater problems include water not heating sufficiently, leaking, and rusting.  When a water heater gets old, the tank begins to rust and corrode. The rust from your tank gets into your water, turning it brown. If you notice any of these signs, call Pando for a quick inspection.

Water heaters typically last 8-12 years. Depending on where you live, the life of your water heater could be shorter. If a replacement water heater is necessary, we can help you decide which model is right for you based on your water heating needs and budget.

A functioning water heater plays a critical role in our lives but is something we often take for granted. It provides hot water for showers and baths, dishwashing and cleaning. Without a water heater, access to hot water is hard to come by. Hot water heaters are a vital part of your home plumbing and something that provides comfort throughout the year. With an average lifespan of 8-10 years, hot water heaters usually go about their business delivering reliably hot water. From time to time, however, repairs are needed to prolong the life of this appliance. How do you know if your water heater isn’t working? As water heaters age, many conditions can cause problems. Sediment builds up along the walls of the tank and collects in the bottom. The buildup can form a sediment barrier in your water heater that can affect its performance and lead to discolored water.  Other signs of hot water heater problems include: insufficient hot water, significant fluctuations in water temperature, leaks, weak flow/low water pressure, strange noises, discolored or odd smelling water. The better you care for your water heater, the less trouble you’ll experience. Water heaters aren’t cheap so be sure to take care of your unit to prolong its life. We’re the water heater replacement experts who can help make this possible.


Water Heater Repair Services

Can a hot water heater be repaired? At the first sign of trouble, give Pando Plumbing a call for hot water heater repair. Ignoring water heater damage only prolongs the problem; it won’t disappear on its own. A damaged water heater leads to excess water usage and can increase monthly utility bills. Unresolved damage can shorten the lifespan of the unit. Our plumbers understand water heaters and the problems they experience. Give us a call and a Pando Plumbing expert will inspect the unit, diagnose the problem, and repair it if possible.  If a replacement water heater is necessary, we can help you decide which model is right for you based on your water heating needs and budget. Peace of mind comes when you’re informed of the facts.  We’ll help you decide whether you should repair or replace your hot water heater and whether an electric or tankless water heater is best for you.
Better than waiting for a problem to occur, we recommend scheduling an annual inspection with our water heater repair technicians. We recommend this annual inspection because it saves money by preventing water heater breakdowns and minimizing normal wear and tear. During the inspection, our technicians will look at the unit and all its components. We’ll repair anything that is damaged or worn out, preventing the need for expensive repairs or time without hot water.  At Pando Plumbing, we provide free inspections and estimates, so if you’re worried about anything plumbing-related, don’t hesitate to call.  You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain.
We service all brands and models of water heaters. Whether you operate an electric water heater or a tankless water heater, our plumbers have the expertise to resolve your problems.  We stand ready with fully equipped trucks to enable us to get to your home quickly and resolve your problem. We do it all, from repairing a broken heating element to installing new water heaters. If the current water heater in your home is old and outdated or on its last leg, we offer water heater installation at affordable prices.  We’ll take your old water heater away, free of charge, and dispose of it properly, leaving your home cleaner than we found it. If your water heater needs to be replaced, we’re happy to take the time to discuss potential benefits of switching to a tankless water heater to ensure you make the best decision for you.  
In some instances, replacing the water heater is a more viable option than a repair. We’ll give you our recommendation and provide you with all of the information necessary to make an informed decision. We can install a new electric water heater or a tankless water heater that instantly saves money and water. A tankless water heater saves space and money while providing on-demand hot water.


Free Estimates

At Pando Plumbing, we strive to create an excellent customer experience and to treat our customers as we would treat our own family. Providing customers with great service at even better prices is very important to us. As part of our pledge to treat our customers as family, we offer free estimates and don’t charge extra in cases of emergency, even if the emergency occurs over the weekend or late at night. Our plumbers will come to your home to evaluate the problem to ensure an accurate estimate and we’ll provide you with the info you need to make an informed decision. We’re proud of our low rates and excellent service and think you’ll like what you see.


Guaranteed Water Heater Services

Not only do customers trust us for quality repairs and low prices, but our guarantees take away the worry. Since we stand behind our work, customers can hire Pando Plumbing with complete confidence! We guarantee all of our work, giving customers one less thing to worry about. We don’t cut corners or rush through repairs. Instead, we take the time to thoroughly repair your water heater the first time around.  We also explain the problems you’re experiencing and the solutions we provide.  We want you to thoroughly understand what is going on in your home.  If after our service you have any worries or concerns, we will return free of charge to review anything you’d like and to discuss your issues. 



Common Water Heater Problems

Dozens of problems may stop a water heater from working the way it should. Some of the most common causes of water heater damage include:


Age: The older the water heater is, the more likely problems are to arise. If a water heater is nearing the end of its expected lifetime it is important to be extra vigilant.  At a certain point, installing a new water heater, tankless or electric, may be your best option.


Sediment Build-Up: Mineral deposits collect in the bottom of the water heater. Over time, these deposits cause the water heater to rust. This sediment build-up/rust can lead to leaks and a myriad of problems.  Discolored water might be a sign of a water heater problem.  If you notice discolored water or a strange odor to your water, give us a call.


Leaks: immediately call for repairs if your water heater begins leaking. This problem is dangerous if not repaired as soon as possible. Leaks occur due to old age, sediment build-up, and other issues.  Leaks can also turn into bigger problems and even lead to flooding.


Pilot Light Won’t Light: If there isn’t a spark when you try to light the pilot, gas isn’t getting to the pilot. Potential causes include air in the gas line, defective thermocouples, or other problems.  I’ve you’re struggling to light your pilot light or don’t feel comfortable doing so, give us a call.


Damaged Parts: Perhaps the water heater malfunction is due to broken parts or components. Water heaters contain many different components that are all necessary for the unit to function properly. If one of the components breaks, the whole unit can stop working properly.



Top Water Heater Repair Services

We repair these and other problems so you always have access to the hot water you need in your home. We also specialize in both electric and tankless hot water heater installation. Don’t take our word for it. If you need services, give us a call to learn firsthand why so many people trust us for hot water heater repair services. We’ll happily answer your water heater repair questions and help you learn more about your options.  Don’t wait.  Call Pando Plumbing. 

Furthermore, our mission at Pando Plumbing is to Flush it Forward.  As you partner with Pando and choose us to provide your water heater repair or replacement, proceeds from that work will go toward providing life-saving sanitation to those who need it most.  It is a privilege to serve you and we’re anxious to partner with you in our mission to Flush it Forward.  Not only will you get top-quality service at the best possible prices, your choice of plumber can make a significant difference for others.  Check out our Flush it Forward page to learn more.