Toilet Installation & Repair

Toilet Installation and Repair Draper Utah

If your toilet keeps running, clogging or having trouble flushing, it might be time to call Pando.  Common toilet issues include a leaking or rocking base, a handle that fails to flush, a toilet that flushes twice in a row, the toliet whistles when the tank is filling or a failing flapper valve that leaves water running.  If you have to regularly pull out the plunger, this might be a sign of a more significant problem. Everybody has experienced that terrifying moment after a flush when water continues to rise in the bowl and there is no sign of it stopping before it spills over onto the floor.  If this is happening, don’t wait any longer. Call Pando!  

If your toilet’s flush isn’t as effective as it once was or if it uses a lot of water and takes a lot of time, it might be time to consider a replacement.  People often feel confident that they can install new toilets on their own. The process might look simple, but if you are replacing an old or outdated toilet, plumbing might be required to enable the installation of a new one.  Newer toilets use less than half the amount of water than older toilets use. Given how frequently toilets are flushed, minimizing water use while still getting the job done is a great way to be environmentally conscious while cutting down on your water bill.