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Reliable Repairs to Protect Your Home

Your home’s outside faucets are crucial for outdoor activities and maintenance but can deteriorate over time, leading to leaks and other issues. In Salt Lake County, Pando Plumbing specialists excel at identifying early warning signs of faucet problems, such as dripping, reduced water flow, or rust.

Addressing these signs early can prevent inconvenience and costly repairs. Factors such as the age of your faucets, frequency of use, and the materials used in your plumbing can impact their longevity. Our experts are here to help you understand these factors, providing insights that enable you to make informed decisions about your outside faucet repair and ongoing maintenance needs.

Our Services

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Comprehensive Plumbing Expertise

We specialize in a wide range of plumbing needs. Is your bathroom in dire need of an upgrade, or perhaps your kitchen plumbing has seen better days? We can help with that and more, including garbage disposal troubles, gas line installations for those new appliances, and ensuring your laundry tub is leak-free. 

Our team is also skilled in specialized services like water heater repair, tankless water heaters, and installing water softener systems to combat Utah’s hard water.

Our Latest Projects

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Routine Outside Faucet Inspection and Care

Regular inspections by certified Pando plumbers are crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of your outside faucets. Our professionals excel at identifying potential issues and recommending the most effective repair strategies, whether they involve minor adjustments or more comprehensive overhauls.

This proactive approach is critical to preventing unexpected malfunctions and extending the lifespan of your outside faucet system.

During these assessments, we provide homeowners expert advice and practical strategies to maintain their outside faucets, enhancing their durability and minimizing the risk of sudden breakdowns.

A metal water faucet mounted on an exterior wall, providing access to water outdoors.

Top-Grade Materials and Code Adherence

In every outside faucet repair project, we use high-quality materials specifically chosen to meet the unique requirements of your plumbing system. Our work strictly adheres to all relevant local building codes, ensuring your safety and the durability of our repairs.

We continuously update our knowledge on the latest plumbing technology and materials advancements, and we are committed to offering our clients the most efficient and long-lasting solutions. This commitment to using the best materials and complying with regulations underscores our dedication to providing exceptional service.

Our Testimonials

This company is incredible!!! They are very knowledgeable and know what they are doing. They are an honest company that wants to help. They can fix anything! It is hard to find a company that won't try and upsell and take advantage of your. Pando won't do either of these to you!!! Such a great and honest company.
Hollie McNeil
Hollie McNeil
04:16 29 Feb 20
These guys know plumbing! They are easy to reach by phone, responsive, quick, excellent in understanding our plumbing issue, efficient, reasonably priced, trust worthy, and very nice guys! I will call them every time we have a plumbing issue. Thanks Jeff and Austin!
Verneita Hunt
Verneita Hunt
16:20 19 Feb 20
Fair prices. Quality service. Excellent people. They truly went above and beyond when the replaced the valve on my shower.
Skylar North
Skylar North
21:51 31 Jan 20
I had a water softener explode and didn’t know what to do. I called a couple companies had got a couple quotes that were pretty outrageous. I spoke with Jeff and he quoted me over 1000 dollars less than the others. He was incredibly nice, honest and exactly who you want working on your house. He helped me understand the problem so it doesn’t happen in the future. I’ll definitely be using them again. Thanks Jeff!
Andrea Richards
Andrea Richards
00:02 15 Feb 20
Super friendly, didn’t try to up-sell me, great pricing, quality work, and very professional. Will definitely be using them for all of my plumbing needs and recommend to friends and family.They fixed two drains, a leaky faucet in the bathtub, and installed a tankless water heater, and water softener for me and did an amazing job. (I asked for the water softener/heater and they gave me a quote on the spot).
Nathan Pyle-Valli
Nathan Pyle-Valli
05:35 09 Feb 20
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Reducing Inconvenience Outside Faucet Installation Repairs

Aware of the disruptions that outside faucet issues can cause, Pando Plumbing focuses on minimizing the impact on your daily routine during repair projects. Our team carries out these essential tasks swiftly and cleanly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

We prioritize clear and continuous communication, keeping you informed about the progress of the outside faucet repair process and enabling you to adjust your schedule accordingly. Our goal is to make the outside faucet repair process as stress-free as possible while upholding the highest quality standards in our work.

Contact Pando Plumbing for Outside Faucet Repair Solutions

If you suspect any issues with your outside faucets or require a professional repair assessment, contact Pando Plumbing. We offer expert outside faucet repair services throughout Salt Lake County, ensuring your faucet system remains in optimal condition.
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