Gas Line Installation
Gas Line Installation Draper Utah​

Gas Line Installation Draper Utah

Natural gas appliances were the standard before electric ones. Although gas appliances need an electrical outlet to generate power, they use natural gas to generate heat. If you’re interested in using gas appliances, your home or business requires a gas line. Don’t try to install one yourself, as this is a risky project. Instead, you should let one of the experts at Pando Plumbing do the job.

Gas Pipeline Overview

You can use gas lines for ovens, washers, dryers, and other appliances. The tricky part is determining the correct fit, and using a gas line that’s too big or too small can result in a dangerous leak. If this occurs, you will have to evacuate your home or business for a few days. Fortunately, plumbers know the ins and outs of gas lines, and they have every tool required for this project.

Connections to Steel Gas Pipes

Older buildings typically have threaded steel gas pipes. If your old appliances are connected with a steel gas pipe, and you want to install new ones, an expert can replace your old gas lines with flexible glass supply lines consisting of stainless steel tubes. Additionally, a professional may have to replace your old gas valves with modern ball ones.

Professional plumbers also specialize in connecting gas lines to soft copper. They can flare the end of a soft copper tube using a special flaring tool to install flare fittings that have a matching cone-shaped meeting surface.

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