Shower & Bathtub Repair
Bathtub Repair Plumbing Draper Utah

Shower & Bathtub Repair Draper Utah

At Pando Plumbing, we specialize in keeping your bathroom working right.  It is easy to take your bathroom for granted and most of us don’t even think about how much we rely on it, until something goes wrong.  If you have clogged drains, a leaking tub or a shower with low water pressure, we can help. Our plumbers are experts at installing new bathroom fixtures, repairing and stopping leaks, unclogging drains and preventing mold growth.  Our plumbers are professionally trained to ensure the work done in your home is of the highest quality. If you’re looking to install or retrofit a tub and shower, choose a professional who will do the job right. Not only will you rest assured that the installation is done correctly, but our team will also be able to identify any potential trouble zones in and around your shower or tub area.

Shower Repair

Shower drains are one of the most common sources of clogging in a home plumbing system.  If your shower isn’t functioning properly, our plumbers can your inspect water supply and drainage pipes to look for leaks or cracks and we can remove any debris, hair or other residue that might be preventing your drain from working properly.    

Regardless of how complicated the issue, we will diagnose the problem and clearly lay out the options so you can make the decision that is best for you and your family.  We will do our best to repair any fixtures you prefer to be fixed or we can help you select excellent replacements that meet your needs.  

Tub Repair

Whether your bathtub has a clogged drain or leaks, has chips, small cracks or other cosmetic issues, fixing or replacing a bathtub is no small task.  We’re happy to evaluate the condition of your tub and work with you to determine whether repairing or replacing is the right choice for you.  

If you notice small cracks around your bathtub or peeling paint, this might be a sign that your bathtub is leaking.  If you’re concerned, please give us a call. We can evaluate the situation to see if the leak is damaging your underfloor or causing potentially harmful mold.