Repipe Plumbing

Repipe & Remodel Plumbing in Draper Utah

Repipe & Remodel Plumbing Draper Utah

While pipes in your home can last a very long time, they are not immune to corrosion.  Even copper pipes eventually become corroded by particles such as chlorine and formaldehyde.  Corroded pipes can start to leak, requiring repair to avoid additional damage. In addition to corrosion, hard water can cause minerals to build up in the walls of your pipes.  If this issue is caught early enough, the build-up can usually be removed before the scale hardens and re-piping becaomes necessary. Depending on the age and type of pipes you have, our plumbers can recommend different options to repair your older pipes.  If your pipes are beyond repair, re-piping might be the best option and we can help you determine which option would best suit the needs of your home. 

If your water looks or tastes strange, or you have erratic water pressure, you might have corroded pipes.  Give Pando a call and we will find the cause of your water problems and work with you to determine the solution that best suits your needs.