Kitchen Plumbing
Monochrome drawing of a sink with a faucet.

Kitchen Plumbing Draper Utah

A kitchen’s plumbing system consists of water and gas supply lines, and if one of these lines goes faulty, you may not be able to use your sink. The experts at Pando Plumbing can take on any plumbing problem, so you’ll be able to resume your life in no time if a leak occurs.

Information on Kitchen Plumbing

The visible part of a sink’s plumbing is generally located under the sink, inside the base cabinet. Typically, a flexible gas connector controls the gas valve, which may be on the wall or floor beneath the gas range serving the appliance. You’ll be able to see two small valves beneath your sink: one for hot water supply, the other for cold. However, some older houses may not have these valves. A professional can turn them clockwise to stop the water flow through the supply tubes that direct water to the faucet.

Flexible supply tools connect the valves to the threaded tailpieces of the faucet. Faucets with an integral sprayer come with a hose that an expert can connect onto another tailpiece at the center.

Troubleshooting Drain Issues

A kitchen sink drains by way of several components, and it contains a fitted strainer. Beneath the sink, the strainer’s body connects to the drain’s tailpiece and the rest of the plumbing. The garbage disposal mounts directly to a special strainer body.

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