5 Tips to Keep Your Drains Clean and Clear

Kitchen sink with black faucet and wooden cutting board.

We have all experienced clogged drains at some point or another, leading us to internet hacks and weird DIY solutions that only put a bandaid on the problem of clogged drains.

At Pando Plumbing, we believe that the solution is in prevention.

Avoiding clogged drains in the first place is simple and allows for faster water drainage. Whether you are dealing with clogs in your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, or your shower, we have the tips to keep from clogging your drains!

1. Do Not Pour Grease in the Sink

When it comes to your kitchen sink, it’s easy to assume that it can handle almost anything. Turning on your disposal can help, but pouring grease down the drain can lead to operating issues and clogs in your pipes when it hardens. Instead, let the grease cool and throw it away, or get rid of it outside so that you keep your drains free and clear of a clog.

2. Avoid Putting Solid Items Down the Drain

Coffee grounds, fruit peels, egg shells, fruit pits, and other hard food scraps can all lead to clogged drains. While your disposal can help get these down, all of these things can hurt your pipes and lead to a backed-up sink.

3. Use Drain Traps

Whether it be your kitchen sink, your bathroom sink, or your shower drain, drain traps can make a big difference in clogged drains. They can collect hair, big scraps of food, and plenty of other things that accidentally make their way into your drain, even by accident. Clean out the traps as needed, and enjoy clog-free drains!

4. Use Hot Water as Needed

When you run hot water even once a week, it can help to clear the pipes. Small remnants of oil or grease (which can come from your body in the shower or from cooking in the kitchen sink) and other soft foods can get flushed out by the hot water, cleaning your drains.

5. Use Cold Water as Needed

While many of us believe that hot water is the only solution to clogged drains, preventing a clog with cold water can help. When oil and grease does build up in your sink, running cold water can solidify it, helping your disposal get rid of it rather than it staying liquid and coating everything.

Your Drains are an Important Part of Your Home.

We use them daily, so taking care of them is important for longevity and minimal hassle. Stay ahead of the issue by preventing clogs in the drain in the first place.

If you find yourself with draining issues that won’t seem to go away, reach out to Pando Plumbing. We will send one of our expert plumbers out to help you resolve the issue and help you move forward with clean drains!