How to Unclog Your Drain at Home

How to Unclog Your Drain at Home

A clogged drain is a pain, but unclogging it doesn’t have to be. Calling a plumber is not your only option to unclog a shower drain.

Why Is My Drain Clogged?

You can tell that your drain is clogged if the water is slow to drain, or isn’t draining at all. There are a number of reasons it might be clogged, but usually it is due to a buildup of hair and grease from your skin and soaps. Getting yourself a drain catcher and paying close attention to the ingredients in your shower products can help reduce the occurrence of a clogged drain. 

How to Unclog Shower Drain

Before you worry about calling a plumber, here are some plumber-approved tips for a clogged shower drain. 

  1. Start with something simple: Boiling water is a quick and easy way to begin unclogging your shower drain. You can simply pour boiling water down the drain to help break up whatever it is that is causing the blockage. Afterwards, you can run more water to see if this method helped your shower drain.
  2. If the boiling water doesn’t work, here’s another simple solution: Remove the debris from your clogged drain. By taking the drain cover off, you can then use gloves or even a hook made from an old wire hanger to pull hair and other debris out of the shower drain. Using a flashlight to look down into the drain can be helpful in removing debris that is causing the drain to clog. Once you have cleared the drain of what you can see, pouring another round of boiling water can help to rid your drain of whatever remaining debris there is. 

*Hint* A plumber’s snake can reach deeper into the drain for a more effective clean!

  1. Next up: Vinegar and baking soda. There are two ways to go about this method, but both require removing the drain cover.
    1. Pour one part baking soda down the drain. Let it sit for about ten minutes to coat the drain and begin eating at whatever might be causing the clog. Then, pour one part vinegar into the drain to activate the baking soda. Or,
    2. Mix equal parts baking soda and vinegar together, and pour that down the drain. Let both solutions sit in the drain for an hour before running hot water to check if your drain is no longer clogged. 
  2. Last DIY resort: Chemicals. Chemicals often do the trick, but because they are not good for the water supply, it is important to avoid going this route if possible. 

Call a Plumber!

At Pando Plumbing, we support our clients. Our goal is to fix the problems that you can’t! So if none of those methods to unclog drains works, it’s time to enlist some plumbing services. Our plumbing experts are prepared to fix your clogged drain as soon as we can. We know how inconvenient it can be to have a clogged drain, and it is our pleasure to help! By giving us a call, or using our booking tool online, we can help get you set up for a scheduled appointment with one of our trusted team members. Look no further than Pando Plumbing for all your clogged drain needs!