Knocking Pipes

Are Your Pipes Knocking When You Flush The Toilet?

Are your pipes knocking when you flush the toilet?  This could be happening for a number of different reasons. Several possible causes include:

Water hammer: This is a typical reason why pipes bang. The quick surge of water that results from flushing the toilet might cause the pipes to shake and knock. The prevalence of this is particularly high in older homes with outdated plumbing systems.

Loose pipes: If your home’s pipes are not correctly fastened, they may vibrate and strike other pipes or walls when the toilet is flushed.

High water pressure: If the water pressure in your home is too high, flushing the toilet may cause the pipes to knock together.

Pipe blockages: If there is a blockage in the pipes, such as a clog or debris, the water flow may be impeded when the toilet is flushed. This could result in the pipes creating that knocking sound.

You can try the following fixes:

Install water hammer arresters. By absorbing the shock of the water flow, these devices can help to lessen the pounding sound that is produced by a water hammer.

Secure unsecured pipes: To lessen vibration and knocking, try fastening loose pipes in your home to the walls or the floor.

The pressure-reducing valve, which is normally found next to the main water shut-off valve, can be used to adjust the water pressure if it is too high in your home.

Clear any obstacles in the pipes: To stop the knocking sounds and restore appropriate water flow, you may need to clear any blockages in the pipes, such as clogs or debris.

It is advised to talk to a plumber or think about hiring a professional to examine the issue and offer the best solution if you are unsure how to solve the knocking pipes or are unable to fix the problem on your own. The experts at Pando Plumbing are prepared to help! Check out our website for more information and ways you can get in touch with us.